Welcome to Dapps Clothing. The most innovative, stylish and comfortable clothing brand to enter the workwear market.

Builders, plumbers, painters, carpenters, electricians, warehouse staff, cleaners……it’s time for change. All those office folk, they’ve traded in their suits for chinos and polos, now it’s our turn.

Here at the Dapps headquarters, we’re all tradesmen ourselves. We’ve complained to each other for years about how much we dislike our overalls. We recognise that comfort in the building trade has long been overlooked.

Let’s face it, the clothes you wear to work…. THEY’RE JUST NOT COMFORTABLE! Rigid, heavy, tight, and outdated. Baggy at the ankles, tight around the crotch, they chafe, and there is always overkill on the pockets, loops and buckles.

Ask yourself these questions about your current overalls….

Would you wear them going for a run?

Would you wear them in the gym? 

Would you wear them playing football?

Of course not! So, why do you wear them for work? It’s still a physical activity and you’ve been dressing in the wrong way for years.

So, we’ve shaken things up just for you – our clothing is comfortable, it’s stylish and above all still practical. Have a browse in our shop, pick your size and style, place your order, and get back to what you do best…….